Christmas is a Coming title

Lauren allowed Daniel free rein of her kitchen,

she never expected him to take over her heart.



With her pantry stocked for the winter and a new project to keep her busy, pen and ink artist Lauren Roberts hunkers down in her Catskill Mountain cabin prepared for the year’s first blizzard.


Stranded in the snow, not too far from one of the few cabins he’d passed, Daniel Michael Greene trudges to the only home he’d seen for the last 20 miles to find help.


Shut off from the outside world, the two must weather the storm and isolation. Lauren’s initial concern about housing a stranger turns to relief when he demonstrates exactly why he’d won his culinary title. Her guest’s skills in the kitchen far exceed anything she could imagine.


Frustrated with missing his judging gig at this year’s Holiday Maker-Baker Competition, Dan comes up with his own idea to keep him occupied. He’s going to need his host’s permission and use of her home to work on a plan he hopes will keep him in front of his fans and a contender for the Craft & Cooking Network spotlight.





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photo: Joanna Kosinska