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Gentlemen of Worth
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Portrait of Lady MargaretPortrait of Lady Margaret

Time Travel Regency Romance

During the last few days of Margaret "Peg" Swanson's Regency tour takes an unexpected destination: 1813 where she comes face to face with a man she'd seen in a portrait.
Peg doesn't know if going back in time has changed history or if she is there to make certain history unravels as she remember? Her best guess is if events are set to right, she'll be return home.




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coverWhat Goes Around Comes Around

A Paranormal Mystery

Natalie Powell thinks she's going crazy when she sees two men following her. Except they're not men, they're ghosts. Not so recently departed Mitch Hudson and Simon Dijon insist there's a reason they're earthbound.
Nat and the two ghosts along with Georgette Price, a recently murdered heiress who was front page news in the morning's paper. They conculde they have been brought together to find Georgie's murderer.
In solving the crime, the four realize that each of them has a lesson to be learned proving, What Goes Around, Comes Around.

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