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Lady Eugenia's HolidayLady Eugenia's Holiday

Even though she missed her London Season debut, Lady Eugenia Abbott's dreams of attending exciting parties and meeting dashing young gentlemen comes true as she travels with her aunt to the seaside city of Brighton for some post-Season gaiety.
Lady Eugenia becomes a social success, making the acquaintance of a handful of new close friends and befriending an eccentric Austrian musician. She even catches the attention of an elusive duke, whose curious behavior causes her to question his intentions.
In her pursuit of the duke, Lady Eugenia stumbles upon a deadly plot that places her life and that of the man she loves in danger. Given time, Eugenia can forgive the duplicity, but it's quite another thing to forget the betrayal of her heart.

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coverHis Lordship's Chaperone

Robert, the Marquess of Haverton, desires a chaperone to keep him from falling prey to the married, widowed, and single ladies of London. The Duchess of Waverly is sympathetic to her son's predicament and agrees to help him find a suitable female to fill the position.
Miss Catherine Hayward is surpised to find the need to keep her new charge from being compromised is genuine. However, it isn't long before her protective feelings give way to pleasant, fanciful notions of sharing his company.
Soon Catherine finds herself falling for her employer, the Marquess, which makes her the exact type of woman from whom he needs protection.

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coverAn Agreeable Arrangement

Lady Cassandra Phillips’ terms for her inheritance are simple—marry the man her father had chosen and she can keep her fortune and her family estate. However, if Cassie refuses to comply, she will lose everything she has come to know and treasure as her own.
Julian, the elder brother of the estimable Stewart family, which Cassie’s father had mandated she will marry into, values family duty and honor above all else.   He can wield a pen in business matters and keep his respected, long-established family financially secure but he knows nothing of love. He will ensure that Cassie adheres to the marriage agreement proposed by their fathers, though it means uniting her with his capricious younger brother, Edward.
Dashing Edward Stewart, the younger brother, has charm and talent to win the heart of any woman he chooses. The arrangement between the two families seems happily settled, but Cassie’s misplaced affection makes her believethat it will be impossible to have both her heart’s desire and the man she loves.

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coverMiss Quinn's Quandary

Larissa Quinn travels directly from Miss Simmons' Seminary to the wilds of Westmoreland to care for her elderly aunt. After the day-long journey, the only place for the weary travelers to sleep is the barn of an over-booked inn with only a single vacancy.
Larissa has no intention of sleeping on a pile of straw, steps forward, claiming to be newly wed to Sir Randall Trent, baronet and unwitting accomplice in Larissa's scheme for adventure, in order to claim the last empty room.
Convinced they will never see one another again and that no one will be the wiser about their little white lie, Larissa and Sir Randall part ways, though not before Sir Randall can bestow upon Larissa a passionate kiss that sends her reeling. Both are surprised to be thrown together again so soon in London for the season.
When their secret is discovered, Larissa and Sir Randall are forced to band together in the face of a crime spree in which Sir Randall is implicated. Life is about to offer Larissa an adventure unlike she had ever imagined.

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